Friday, April 11, 2008

From flowers to vase

Expert says let plants speak for themselves when arranging

Having been a florist for more than 20 years, Linda Beutler knows a thing or two about cutting and arranging flowers.

Her 50-by-100 lot in Portland spills over with plants suitable for cutting and arranging, as well as favored fruit trees and vegetables, which she often incorporates into her arrangements.

“Flowers by themselves are boring,” Beutler says. Bouquets should include berries and leaves because a plant’s elements of maturation over the season can be a lovely part of a design’s journey, she explains.

She includes not only traditional plants such as lilies and roses into her arrangements, but the not-so-traditional tulips, bleeding heart, ornamental grasses, and yes, even clematis. In case you’re wondering, her personal collection numbers more than 300 species and cultivars.

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